Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your haircuts?
Our haircuts include a complimentary consultation, a stress-relieving shampoo and a finishing blow-dry style and range from $30 to $67 depending on the stylist. It is based on their experience and education. We also offer a $25 Junior haircut with one of our stylists-in-training.

How much do you charge for color or highlights?
Our all-over, one process color starts at $57 and our highlights start at $87. The price goes up from there depending on the experience and education of the Colorist or Color Tech doing the coloring and the formulation and number of steps needed to create the best color for each individual. Your hair will be quick styled following your color, meaning that your hair will be dry and look good for your hair, i.e., if your hair is curly, it will be dried curly and not smoothed out, and if your hair is straight, it will be dried straight and not curled. You may also book a style or a style plus with a stylist following your color for an additional fee.

What is a brazilian keratin treatment and how much does it cost?
Our keratin treatments are designed to tame frizz, soften curls, and decrease the amount of time you take to dry and style your hair for up to 3 months, and makes your hair more manageable. We use a few different formulas, all are formaldehyde free. The starting price is $116 and goes up from there depending on your hair texture, and length.

What products do you carry?
We are an Aveda Concept Salon and carry Aveda products exclusively for the hair care, skin care, make-up and lifestlye lines. We have a wide range of professional equipment and accessories for your hair such as Aveda, FHI, NZ3, Solano, Bioionic, Gama IQ, Denman, Hot Tools, Efalock, Phillips, Wet Brush, Spornette, Monroe, Nubone, Sutra Supreme, and Marilyn. Our nail product line up is OPI, and Nailtiques.

Why doesn't my hair look the same at home as it does when I leave a salon?
Our stylists will teach you how to achieve your look at home by using the correct styling and finishing products and equipment as well as the proper techniques.

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things can unexpectedly come up, and we just ask that you try to call at least 24 hours in advance so we have the opportunity to fill your appointment time with another client.

What is your tipping policy?
Our employees do accept tips, however, we do not have a tipping amount policy. We leave that up to your discretion.

What is your return policy on products?
Aveda allows returns on all retail products with the exception of Make-up and discontinued products, which are not returnable. Other products can be returned within a reasonable amount of time on a case by case basis. Some manufacturers require direct contact from you for warranty and returns, therefore we are unable to take those returns here at the salon.

What do I do if I have a problem with my hair after a service?
Give us a call within a week and we will have you come in and work out a solution to your challenge.

What are your most popular services?
Soft Beachy Waves (not your 1980's perm), Keratin Protein Treatments, Balayage/Ombre', Haircuts and Color.

Are all of your employees experienced?
Yes, first, they must attend cosmetology school and earn a license in the State of Ohio. In our salon, they need to go through our intense training program for approximately one year. Our training is very in-depth and they are tested throughout the program and before they are allowed to book appointments. Our stylists in training are assisting until they can become Junior Stylists, at which time they are still in training and are working on speed and fine tuning.

Is it okay to switch stylists or colorists?
Some clients switch stylists or colorists periodically and others switch between several each time they come in. We keep accurate records for all chemical services and treatments. Feel free to contact our management team by calling or emailing services@salonhazelton.com.

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