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Be Curly
Be Curly Co-Wash
Blue Malva
Botanical Repair Deep
Botanical Repair Light
Cherry Almond Softening
Color Conserve
Damage Remedy
Dry Remedy
Invati Advanced Exfoliating Light
Invati Advanced Exfoliating Rich
Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating
Men’s Pure-Formance
Nutriplenish Light
Nutriplenish Deep
Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser
Pure Abundance Volumizing
Pure Blends
Rosemary Mint
Sap Moss
Scalp Benefits
Shampure Dry Shampoo
Smooth Infusion
Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser
Viral Colorwash


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Be Curly
Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque
Blue Malva
Botanical Repair Leave-in-Treatment
Botanical Repair Light Intensive Masque
Botanical Repair Rich Intensive Masque
Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner
Cherry Almond Leave-in-Conditioner
Cherry Almond Softening
Color Conserve
Color Conserve Daily Color Protection
Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment
Damage Remedy
Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair
Damage Remedy Intensive Reconstructing Treatment
Dry Remedy
Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil
Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque
Heat Relief
Invati Advanced
Invati Advanced Hair & Scalp Masque
Invati Advanced Intensive
Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer
Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer
Men’s Pure-Formance
Nutriplenish Deep
Nutriplenish Leave-in-Conditioner
Nutriplenish Light
Nutriplenish Multi-use Hair Oil
Pramasana Scalp Concentrate
Pure Abundance Volumizing
Rosemary Mint
Sap Moss
Scalp Benefits
Smooth Infusion
Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque
Sun Care After-Sun Masque

Styling & Finishing Aids

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Air-Control Hair Spray
Alanara Pure-fume Hair Mist
Be Curly Curl Enhancer
Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray
Be Curly Style Prep
Brilliant Anti-Humectant
Brilliant Damage Control
Brilliant Emollient
Brilliant Hair Spray
Brilliant Humectant
Brilliant Retexturing Gel
Brilliant Spray on Shine
Brilliant Universal Styling Crème
Control Force Hair Spray
Control Paste
Firmata Hair Spray
Flax Seed Aloe Sculpt Gel
Foam Reset
Heat Relief
Light Elements Defining Whip
Light Elements Texturizing Creme
Marassona Pure-fume Hair Mist
Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Clay
Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Cream
Men’s Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade
Men’s Pure-Formance Pomade
Men’s Pure-Formance Strong Hold Gel
Men’s Pure-Formance Thickening Paste
Mihana Pure-fume Hair Mist
Nutriplenish Multi-use Hair Oil
Phomollient Refill
Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Potion
Pure Abundance Volumizing Hairspray
Pure Abundance Volumizing Style Prep
Rinseless Refresh
Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener
Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight
Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme
Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother
Speed of Light
Sun Care Protecting Veil
Texture Tonic
Thickening Tonic
Volumizing Tonic
Witch Hazel Hair Spray


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Artizen Dolphin Flat Iron

Artizen Midi Flat Iron

Aveda Cherry Almond Detangling Comb

Aveda Hair Clips 4pk

Aveda Wooden Mini Paddle Brush

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Bio Ionic Stylewinder Curling Irons

BW Boyd Carbon Comb 275 & 278

Capillus 82 Laser Cap

Carbon Jumbo Tail Comb

Chi Lava Spin and Curl 1”

Color Wow Root Touch Up

Cricket Visage 390 Styling Brush

DeFabulous Ube Curling Irons 3/4″, or 1″, or 1 1/2″ or Mini Travel 3/4″

Denman Medium Luxury Cushion Brush

Denman Vent Brush

Denman Style Brush

Ear Shields

Efalock #10 Tailpick Comb

Efalock #18 Rake Comb

Efalock #29 Medium Comb

Efalock #35 Comb

FHI Platform Plus Curve Flat Iron

FHI Curling Iron

FHI Stylus Thermal Styling Brush

Gama IQ Professional Hair Dryer

Gator Clips

Gemtress Wigs and Hairpieces

Grey Free Root Touch Up

Hair Twisters Hair Armor, Hair Hooks, & Ponytail Wraps

Halo Couture 12″, 16”, 20”, & 24” Hair Extensions

Halo Couture 14”, 18”, & 22” Layered Extensions

Halo Couture 12’, 14’, 16’, & 20” Add on Extend

Halo Couture Fall

Halo Couture Ponytail

Hercules Sagemann Brush 9228 2 3/4″

Hercules Sagemann Brush 9229 3″ XL

Hot Tools Curling Irons

Izutech Flat Iron BTX 450

Izutech Toro 2400 Mini Hair Dryer

KF-020 NZ3 Professional Diffuser

Kicosy Shampoo Massager

Leather Headbands

Love Amika Black Straightening Brush

Love Amika Pink Straightening Brush

Marilyn New Yorker Midtown Brush

Monroe Updo Brush

Nubone II Master Rake Pro Bone Comb

NZ3 3-Way Adjustable Nozzle

NZ3 Turbo 4900 Professional Hair Dryer

Olivia Garden Round Brushes

Perky Pony

Phillips MV-3-P Brush 3 ½”

Pink Pewter Hair Accessories

Pramasana Exfoliating Scalp Brush

Ribbon Headbands

SOHO Hair Accessories

Solano Finger Softstyler Diffuser

Teasedale Classic Updo Brush

Velcro Rollers

Wet Brush

Wet Brush EPIC Extension Brush

Wet Brush EPIC Pro Detangler

Wet Brush Flex Dry

Wet Brush for Babies

Wet Brush For Men

Wet Brush Midi

Wet Brush Paddle Brush

Wet Brush Squirt or Lil

Wigs and Hairpieces Special Order

Z2, Z3, Z4 Swizzle Brush by Spornette