Makeup Products


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Agave Nectar Lip Glaze

Amaranth Lip Shine

Beach Thistle Lip Glaze

Berry Uruku Color Gloss

Blushed Honey Lip Color

Bronze Blaze Lip Glaze

Butternut Lip Color

Camelia Glow Sheer Uruku Lip Color

Cassia Lip Glaze

Cerise Lip Color

Cherry Blossom Lip Glaze

Cherrybud Lip Color

Clover Sheer Lip Color

Filaree Sheer Lip Color

Fossil Sheer Lip Color

Foxglove Lip Liner

Gilded Lotus Lip Glaze

Ginger Lily Lip Glaze

Golden Prism Lip Shine

Grapefruit Pulp Lip Shine

Hot Pepper Lip Color

Juneberry Lip Shine

Kashmir Brown Lip Color

Laelia Uruku Lip Color

Lip Liner-Clear Nourish-Mint

Luna Uruku Color Gloss

Lychee Splash Lip Color

Mango Juice Lip Glaze

Maracuja Uruku Lip Color

Moonflower Sheer Lip Color

Morena Uruku Color Gloss

Morning Rose Lip Glaze

Mulberry Lip Color

Ochre Uruku Sheer Lip Color

Orellana Sun Uruku Lip Color

Oyster Pink Lip Color

Passion Flower Lip Color

Pearl Rose Lip Glaze

Foxglove Lip Liner

Peony Uruku Color Gloss

Persimmon Lip Color

Pink Lotus Lip Glaze

Pomelo Lip Shine

Poppy Lip Color

Rare Orchid Lip Color

Raspberry Tea Lip Glaze

Renewing Lip Treatment

Rhubarb Sheer Lip Color

Roseleaf Sheer Lip Color

Saffron Sheer Lip Color

Snap Dragon Lip Color

Spice Plum Lip Glaze

Star Coral Lip Color

Star Dahlia Lip Glaze

Stargrape Lip Color

Sugar Apple Lip Color

Sun Lip Color

Sunkissed Melon Lip Glaze

Sutra Lip Color

Tangerina Uruku Color Gloss

Tanzanite Lip Color

Taro Sheer Lip Color

Tarragona Lip Pencil

Thyme Bud Lip Shine

Vanadinite Lip Color

Verbena Uruku Color Gloss

Wild Fuschsia

Wild Plum Lip Color

Wineberry Lip Glaze


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Almond Dual Foundation

Aspen Tinted Moisture

Aster Dual Foundation

Balsa Concealer

Bamboo Concealer

Beechwood Tinted Moisture

Birch Concealer

Cream Dual Foundation

Cream Pressed Powder

Elm Dual Foundation

Hazelnut Concealer

Honey Dual Foundation

Honey Pressed Powder

Linen Dual Foundation

Pecan Concealer

Poplar Tinted Moisture

Sandstone Tinted Moisture

Sheer Tinted Moisture

Sweet Tea Tinted Moisture

Teak Pressed Powder

Translucent Loose Powder

Twig Dual Foundation

Teak Pressed Powder

Translucent Loose Powder

Accessories, Compacts, & Tools

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Abaca Clutch Makeup Bag

Daily Effects Flax Makeup Brush Set

Envirometal Total Face Compact               

Envirometal Professional Compact

Envirometal Retractable Lip Brush

Eye Brow Stencil               

Inner Light Foundation Brush

Makeup Wedge Sponges

Pencil Sharpener

Refillable Lip Color Case-Flax

Refillable Lip Color Case-Green

Special Effects Flax Makeup Brush Set

Uruku Bronzing Brush


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Amethyst Eye Color

Aqua Pearl Eye Color Trio

Aura Eye Color

Aurora Eye Color

Azalea Eye Color

Azure Rain Eye Color Trio

Bittersweet Eye Color

Black Forest Mosscara

Black Orchid Eye Definer

Black Tulip Eye Color Trio

Blue Dawn Eye Color Trio

Brow Definers

Brown Velvet Rose Eye Color

Cacao Eye Definer

Callalily Eye Color

Cerulean Bloom Eye Color

Copper Haze Eye Color Trio

Crushed Citrine Eye Color

Earth Mosscara

Earth Rose Eye Color Trio

Eye Shadow Transformer

Gobi Sands Eye Color Trio

Golden Jasper Eye Color Trio

Green Tuberose Eye Color

Illumination Eye Color

Invati Brow Thickening Serum

Jade Eye Color

Lemon Spice Eye Color

Moon Eye Color

Night Iris Eye Color

Opal Eye Color

Plum Mist Eye Color Trio

Sea Grass Eye Color Trio

Sepia Eye Definer

Spark Eye Color

Sweet Grass Eye Color Trio

Terraverte Eye Color

Twilight Eye Color Trio

Violet Bloom Eye Color Trio

Violet Coast Eye Color Trio

Wild Indigo Eye Definer


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Amazonia Uruku Bronzer

Apricot Whisper Face Accent

Brazilian Sun Uruku Bronzer

Bronze Glow Face Accent

Peach Lights Face Accent

Plum Touch Face Accent

Rose Blossom Face Accent

Shell Petal Face Accent

Tessarae Face Accent

Almost Gone-Discontinued Makeup Items

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Shimmer Holiday 2012

Ambrosia Fire Uruku Lip Color

Annatto Clay Uruku Lip Color

Apricot Glow Cheek Color

Arrowroot Uruku Lip Color

Black Currant Lip Color

Briar Eye Color

Bronze Patina Cheek Tint

Burl Tinted Moisture              

Caja Uruku Eye Accent

Caramel Liquid Foundation             

Carob Dual Foundation

Chocolate Flower Eye Color            

Cinnamon Liquid Foundation

Dahlia Eye Color

Earthen Eye Color              

Ginger Dual Foundation

Green Mist/Seaglass Eye Color Duo

Guava Uruku Cheek/Lip Creme

Hickory Liquid Foundation

Honeycomb/Bluebell Eye Color Duo

Jasmine/Black Tulip Eye Color Duo

Khaki Cloud Eye Color

Lavenite/Indiga Eye Color Duo

Lily Eye Definer

Mahogany Concealer

Moonstone Shimmer Accent

Oleander Cheek Tint

Sesame Liquid Foundation

Sienna Tinted Moisture

Solara Uruku Cheek/Lip Creme

Spice Lip Tint        

Sunstone Shimmer Accent

Terrastone Shimmer Accent

Vanilla Liquid Foundation

Vinca Eye Color

Walnut Liquid Foundation

Wisteria Cheek Tint

Yuca Uruku Eye Accent